Clothes Listening

Clothes- A1 Listening 4 Season

Clothes Reading

Clothes Speaking

Clothes Vocabulary

Clothes_A1_Vocabulary.Grammar_4Seasons_label and put in the correct box

Clothes_A1_Vocabulary.Grammar_Autumn_label the picture and colour

Clothes_A1_Vocabulary.Grammar_Spring_complete colour and write

Clothes_A1_Vocabulary.Grammar_Summer_read and circle – read colour and write

Clothes_A1_Vocabulary.Grammar_Winter_fill in the gaps and colour

Clothes Writing

Clothes_A1_Writing_4Seasons_Favourite season Answer questions Draw

Clothes_A1_Writing_Autumn_look read and complete – order sentences

Clothes_A1_Writing_Spring_colour and write – order the sentences

Clothes_A1_Writing_Summer_colour and write – order the sentences

Clothes_A1_Writing_Winter_answer the questions – order the sentence